Cold Showers the Ultimate Life Hack

cold shower post showeringLife-changing event of 2015: cold showers. As of the day I write this post, it has been one year since I’ve been taking cold showers. I take a cold shower in the mornings before I go to work and at night before I go to bed. Each shower is between 4 to 7 minutes long depending on how dirty I am, how cold the water is or how much I need the revitalizing effects of the cold water on my body. Read More


Rock Climbing Podcast

Rock climbing in South KoreaDue to the technical demise of my old website, I have reposted the Rock Climbing in South Korea Podcast. It’s a good introduction to rock climbing for those of you who are new to the country, and it’s an easy way to digest some interesting history and trivia.



Back on the Web

back online

So good to be back!

After an unintentional hiatus, we are back on the web. It’s good to be back in the cyberspace.

We were down but not out, and this time away from the webpage gave me more time to mess around with Instagram (@iguidekorea and …and I have to say I really like…I kind of prefer it to Facebook.

For me, Instagram is what Facebook was before the politics, trolls, and haters. It’s selfies and food porn.

I’m still trying to get the hang of all these hashtags. I’ve been told the more hashtags, the better. In my opinion, all those hashes make things look cluttered, and my OCD aesthetic doesn’t cope well with that.

I’m sure I’ll find a happy medium. But for now I’m not even really thinking of that stuff. I finally got a place to share photos for photos sake. Sharing and receiving inspirational and motivating images…like those from National Geographic Travel and Gripped Magazine.

Follow me on Instagram (@iguidekorea and and I’ll try to keep you inspired as well. Also I’d love to see what my fellow Earth-letes are doing in South Korea and elsewhere.

Have fun and be safe.