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April 14, 2018: Daejeon & April 21-22, 2018: Outdoor climbing & camping venue to be decided.

2-day Basic Top Rope Belay Course

One of our most popular courses, the 2-day Basic Top Rope Belay Course teaches aspiring climbers fundamental rope and climbing skills that lead to harder and higher goals. The 2-days of instruction and proven teaching methods solidifying learning goals giving climbers confidence in their new climbing skills. Upon completion of the course, climbers will be able to contribute to a more experienced climbing team.

“I enjoyed the thorough instruction,
patience of the instructor, and the fact that we were given ropes to take home to practice.”
 The Course begins with instruction in the safe and controlled environment of a climbing gym. The second day is an overnight camping and climbing trip. On this day, climbers get the opportunity to practice their skills on real rock with more experienced climbers and under the watchful guidance of our guides. The location of the outdoor climbing venue takes place in some of the most unique geological areas of South Korea.
top rope climbing course iguidekoreaEverything ran smoothly and the guides were very friendly. I liked getting one-on-one coaching while climbing, that helped a lot and calmed my nerves.
The 2-day Course is jammed packed with value. The first day is 4 hours of instruction in a limited access climbing gym. Additionally, class size is limited to 10 climbers to maintain personalized instruction, and each climber receives a detailed course handout to help maintain learning objectives.  The  second day, includes transportation from the meeting point to the outdoor rock climbing venue, and a 6-hour guided outing with instruction. All personal climbing equipment (harness, rock climbing shoes, helmets, belay devices, and belay carabiners) is provided for both days.
The cost of the 2-day course is 80,000KRW.

For payment information, please email Eddy Park at igk@iguidekorea.com.

Go higher and harder in South Korea, and join iGuideKorea’s 2-Day Basic Belay Course. Vertical adventures await you.

Belaying: Belaying is the action of controlling and managing a rope for a climber. Typically belaying is done with the use of a belay device. With the belay device, a belayer can safely catch a falling climber.

Top Rope Climbing: Top rope climbing (or top roping) is normally considered the safest climbing system. It is where a rope is attached to a belayer, goes above through a secure anchor, and finally down towards the climber who is attached to the other end.