Pre-season Preparations

Hello Earthletes! It’s almost spring here in South Korea, and another exciting rock climbing season is upon us. The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and the mountains are becoming more inviting. You’re probably getting that itch to get outside and go vertical, but before you scratch that itch, do a few pre-season preparations to ensure an enjoyable and healthier start to the season.

iGuideKorea rock climbing South Korea granite

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Arirang Radio Interview

So who are these iGuideKorea guys anyways?#dailyK

If you are curious about our rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking, and our guiding services, but not really sure who we are, check out this interview with Arirang Radio’s Peter Bint on his #dailyK program and the feature, “Join the Club.” It will give you an insight on the company and the values we stand for which are basically living free, healthy and outside.

Listen below to the interview with Arirang Radio’s Peter Bint on the program, #dailyK, with the feature, “Join the Club.”

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Eddy Park


Learn to Belay and Give to the Community

Support Volunteers by Learning How to Top Rope Belay

To celebrate the spring, iGuideKorea is offering its Basic Top Rope Belay Course at a discounted price of 30,000won with a 100% of proceeds going to Daejeon Cares’ volunteer efforts with orphanages. iGuideKorea will also be selling its rental climbing shoes from as low as 5,000won to 10,000won. Come on out, learn something new, have fun, support a deserving cause and start rock climbing! Read More


Create Healthier Habits with Momentum

Spring is right around the corner…I promise. Yes it’s true it snowed yesterday, but I swear the season will change, the weather will get warmer, the flowers will bloom and the sun will shine. For many of my readers this time of year means the commencement of a new school year or the start of new job. Lots of new things are happening. So why not use this momentum to start new healthier habits or refresh those we’ve ignored? 

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Sticking with Butora

butora-shoes-lineupIt’s the end of an era. I’m switching to Butora.

I’ve been a die-hard Five Ten climbing shoe fan for over 20 years. Their fit and their rubber was second to none. For years, the company was at the top of the climbing shoe scene, but their position has been challenged as more and more competitors have come into the market. Read More


Rock Climbing Podcast

Rock climbing in South KoreaDue to the technical demise of my old website, I have reposted the Rock Climbing in South Korea Podcast. It’s a good introduction to rock climbing for those of you who are new to the country, and it’s an easy way to digest some interesting history and trivia.