Since 2007, iGuideKorea has guided adventure seekers from all over the world. Our mission is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle that coincides with beautiful natural places and thrilling adventures. We fulfill our goals by providing guiding services and courses for rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountain biking throughout South Korea.

"The tour was well organized. Yes, they exceeded my expectations. Not only were they knowledgeable, but they were also personable and friendly." Krystal Lapierre, Ontario, Canada. 

Additionally, we promote an active outdoor lifestyle in our local community by sponsoring our local team of athletes who are involved in mountain biking competitions, climbing expeditions, and dragon boat races (check out our teams here).

While globally unknown, the Korean outdoor sports scene has exciting potential that has forged world champion climbers and record-breaking mountaineers. iGuideKorea's mission is not only to offer premium quality tours, but to also globally promote the country's eco-tourism and outdoors sports development.

iGuideKorea originally started out of a need. There was a need to get our friends out of the cities and bars to discover the opportunities of Korea's outdoor sports. Our friends were becoming disenchanted with their day to day routine of work, drink, and visit temples. They became out of shape and unhappy about their situation which led to a bitterness towards the country.

Many of the visitors who come to Korea are often the adventurous type leaving the comforts of their home country to gain more extraordinary experiences. But once they get settled in, they become trapped into a routine they did not originally seek. Understandably, it becomes difficult to break out of routine because it is easy and safe.

"I've lived here for years and didn't know these types of sports existed in Korea until I hooked up with iGuideKorea." Nathaniel Ashman, Washington, USA.

But when they step out of their routines and experience the thrills of rock climbing, mountain biking or hiking, awesome transformations happen. They become healthier, they look forward to the weekend, they meet new people, they travel all over the country to climb or bike or hike; they become adventure-seekers again.

"Through the guide's guidance, I was able to push myself beyond what I thought was possible." Dan Bush, New York, USA.

iGuideKorea understands how difficult it is to start new adventures. Access is the main issue. There are language barriers, transportation issues, and a lack of information. These initial barriers are frustrating.

iGuideKorea overcomes those obstacles for you.  With our hassle-free custom tours, we provide you with the exact type of adventure that you want. After our communications process where we plan your desired tour, we find the guide that will fulfill your needs. And to make sure you continue to in your outdoor adventures, you have direct access to our support network via email to ask any questions. We want you to go out and play, and stay out.

"The guides had a clear plan and set of objectives for each day. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience. Would have no reservations recommending the courses." Nigel Firth, New Castle, Australia. 

Discover Korea's outdoor adventures with us. Contact Eddy Park now at and ask about any of our rock climbing, mountain biking, ice climbing, and hiking tours.