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SeorakSan National Park

Korean myths and fables tell of a time when granite peaks and rocks moved and shook the earth, but were suddenly frozen in place before converging to create the great Baekdudaegan mountain range including Seoraksan.

Come with IGK experience this tale by touching the rock of South Korea's most expansive national parks! IGK offers climbs up Ulsan Bawi, Dalma Bong and JangGun Dae.

So whether you want to do a modest climb just to reach the summit or a teeth-gritting adventure to the top, IGK Guides will take you up the appropriate route for you.

Seoraksan National Park covers the central region of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range (the range which stretches the length of the Korean peninsula). Seoraksan National Park also boasts the third highest peak in South Korea, Daecheong Bong (1708m). Seorak or "The Holy Mountain", assumed by the great scholar Nosan, was deemed a convservartion national reserve area by UNESCO in 1982.

Take yourself to new heights with multi-pitch climbing.

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Please be informed that certain venues may be unclimbable due to prevailng circumstances, such as weather or crowds. IGK provides gear for all climbing activities.

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Seoul BukhanSan National Park 250,000KRW/client 175,000KRW/client
Gangwon Province SeorakSan National Park 550,000KRW/client 450,000KRW/client